(London: , c. 1890).

AN ESPECIALLY APPEALING SET OF BRIGHT HAND-PAINTED MAGIC LANTERN SLIDES. The images are cute and charming illustrations of animals, birds, or clowns. Three such images appear on each of the wooden-framed glass slides. These lantern slides, typically presented on a painted wall by an early type of image projector, helped to bring hours of entertainment into the home prior to the invention of computers or television. Lanterna Magicain were in wide use from the 18th century until the mid-20th century when it was superseded by a compact version that could hold many 35mm photographic slides: the modern slide projector.
The images are vivid and extremely decorative. Black paint was used as a background to block superfluous light, so the figures can be projected without distracting borders or frames. The magic lantern and lantern slides are still popular with collectors and can be found in many museums. Item #12319

15 hand coloured paintings on glass in lantern slide format. , 15 glass slides in wooden frames. Housed in a wooden box with sliding top, of late decorated with Greenaway figures in coloured format. A set in excellent condition.

Price: $475.00