AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED ("David Livingstone") to Dr. Tidman, Secretary of the London Missionary Society

(No place: Livingstone’s Blue Stationery, 22 February 1858).

A RARE AND IMPORTANT AUTOGRAPH LETTER FROM LIVINGSTONE. A fine letter expressing concern that money raised for his explorations in central Africa should be properly used: "...I am anxious for my own satisfaction and the information of those who may enquire to know when it is likely that young missionaries who are expected to commence the Zambesi mission will...take their departure from this country. Abundant funds having been furnished for all that is needed in the case, and there being no obstacle in the path through the Cape Colony I should be glad to be assured before my departure that the intentions of your friends in subscribing so liberally are likely soon to be realized...."
Livingstone’s MISSIONARY TRAVELS AND RESEARCHES IN SOUTH AFRICA...relates the story of his first great expedition (1853-56), during which he explored the Zambesi and its Victoria Falls. It is still considered one of the most important of all 19th century books on African exploration by one of the greatest explorer/missionaries of all time. It is entered in Printing and the Mind of Man as one of the greatest and most important books ever penned.
"...David Livingstone, the Scottish medical missionary, is known to history as the greatest explorer of his age and a dedicated humanitarian who devoted his life to the eradication of the African slave trade. He was a national hero to his contemporaries and time has confirmed his reputation as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of the eminent Victorians, both in his achievement and in his influence." - George Myrtle. Item #19814

The original letter unrestored. 230 x 184mm, noted at the top, "A true copy, D.L.", three pages, written on blue paper in greyish-brown ink, folded once. One page, folio, folded once. A clean copy, with remains of mounting on the last page, blank but for the note, "copy to Dr. Tidman."

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