VASE N. 24 [and] VASE N. 25 [An Original Colour Aquatint Plate From] Collection Des Vases Grecs by De M. Le Compte De Lamberg Expliquee Et Publiee Par Alexander De LaBorde

(Paris: Imprimerie De Jules Didot Aine, 1813-1824).

ONE OF THE MOST IMPRESSIVE PLATES OF THE COLLECTION, this plates features two full views of vases, providing a sense of depth and grace far deeper then the typically flat images associated with this famous work. This plate is from the original edition of LaBorde's COLLECTION DES VASES GRECS DE MR. LE COMTE DE LAMBERG.
The Count of Lamberg, Ambassador to the King of Naples, assembled a remarkable collection of approximately 500 vases which included a number given to him by the Queen of Naples. Laborde, mindful of faults in the illustrations of the famous Hamilton catalogues, was intent on producing an even finer book, and rendering the objects with 'extreme fidelity'. Brunet said of the production, "the precious pieces [in this collection] are shown here with remarkable precision." Quérard noted, "this work deserves particular attention for its fine execution. It was attempted as much as possible to present facsimiles, so to speak, of the vases, with all the colours and figures that can be seen on these precious pieces." Item #26542

From the first edition of this monumental work on classical art. An original aquatint printed in terracotta-red and black over a white background. This plate, XL of volume II, is one of the finest plates of the collection. It represents two juxtaposed, black-glazed vases, a terracotta-figured warrior is seen on the left vase, while a terracotta-figured griffon in an ornate border is seen on the vase to the right. The plate is numbered and each vase is captioned. Printed on a folio captioned sheet measuring 22.5" x 16.5", the two vases are each over 9" tall. , Now presented in cream mounting boards 26" x 22", glazed behind clear mylar. A fine and beautifully preserved plate in excellent condition.

Price: $1,300.00