MEDINET ABOU, THEBES [A View of The Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu; Being an Original Hand-Coloured Lithograph From] THE HOLY LAND, SYRIA, IDUMEA, ARABIA, EGYPT AND NUBIA

(London: F.G. Moon and Co., 1847).

FROM One of the most desirable of all travel and COLOURplate books. This is an attractive image inside the courtyard of the Mortuary Temple Medinet Abou, known for having over 7000 square meters of relatively well preserved decorated wall reliefs. Ruined columns and sand fill the courtyard and a single visitor gives scale to the surround walls. Excavation of the temple started in 1859, when Robert's painted this image it was at the mercy of the desert sands.
We have a good number of impressive images from the Standard Folio Edition of this classic work available for purchase. As well as many views of Egypt there are also views available of Tyre, Nubia, Petra, Sinai, the Jordan, Sidon and Baalbec. Please inquire for further details.
In the course of two and a half months in 1838, traveling some 800 miles south from Cairo, Roberts recorded the monumental temple sites along the Nile in more than a hundred sketches. As the first British artist to sketch the monuments of Ancient Egypt, set on "Plains so vast...that, until you come near them, you have no idea of their magnificence," Roberts was well aware of the stir his drawings would create in London. According to John Ruskin, writing in PRAETERITA, Roberts's drawings "were the first studies ever made conscientiously by an English painter, not to exhibit his own skill, but to give true portraiture of scenes of historical and religious interest." Item #26866

From the Standard Folio First Edition, limited to 500 sets only. A single original hand-coloured lithographic plate drawn on stone by Louis Haghe after David Roberts' paintings done on location in 1832. Printed on a single folio sheet 23.5" x 16", the captioned image, is 19" x 13", now presented in cream mounting boards 30" x 24" glazed behind clear mylar. Beautifully hand-coloured to the highest standards of the time. An example in excellent condition, clean, fresh, beautifully preserved.

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