CONSTANTINOPLE. Painted by Warwick Goble. Described by Alexander van Millingen

(London: A. & C. Black, 1906).

FINE FIRST EDITION OF THIS SCARCE, LUSHLY ILLUSTRATED TEXT ON THE BYZANTINE CAPITAL CITY. Millingen discusses the history, architecture, religion and place of women in this historically significant work. He notes that Constantinople looks on both Europe and the Middle East. The author states in his epilogue: “to live in Constantinople is to live in a very wide world. The city, it is true, is not a seat of lofty intellectual is no civic life to share, no far-reaching public works of philanthropy to enlarge the heart, no comprehensive national life to inspire patriotism...And yet, it is certain that to live in Constantinople is to live in a wide world. It is not for any lack of incentive that a resident here fails ‘to think imperially’ or to feel on an imperial scale. When a man possessed by the genius of the place quits the city to reside elsewhere, the horizon of his life contracts and dwindles, as when a man descends from the wide views of a mountain peak to the life pent within the walls of a valley. For nowhere else is the mind not only confronted, but, if one may thus express it, assailed by so many varied subjects demanding consideration, or the heart appealed to by so many interests for its sympathy...But the future destiny of a city which has acted so great a part in the past, and which is capable of acting an even greater part in the time to come, is only another reason why life here is so large. What other city presents such a problem? One may as soon dwell by the shore of an ocean, or in view of peaks rising to heaven, and fail to be impressed by the greatness of the world, as live in Constantinople without realizing the vastness of human interest and problems.” The text is especially significant given the time period; it was written just a few years before WWI and during the consolidation of the nation-state.
The illustrations are executed in Goble's most accomplished style, especially nice in the travel genre. Item #30235

First Edition. With 63 colour plates by Warwick Goble, and with a folding map of Byzantine Constantinople. 8vo, publisher’s full tan cloth, colourfully decorated to style on the upper cover and spine in pictorial blues, greens, golds, and browns, also with gilt lettering on the spine and upper cover. ix, 276, index. A very fresh and appealing copy of this handsome book, the cloth attractive and well preserved with only a little general mellowing and a touch of rubbing at the spine tips, the plates all bright and very fine indeed, the text ever so lightly toned and with very occasional light and minor spotting.

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