HISTORY OF THE COLONY OF MASSACHUSETS-BAY, From the First Settlement Thereof in 1628, Until Its Incorporation with the Colony of Plymouth, Province of Main, &cc. By the Charter of King William and Queen Mary, in 1691. By Mr. Hutchinson, Lieutenant-Governor of the Province [with] ...From the Charter of King William and Queen Mary, in 1691 Until the Year 1750 [with] ....From the Year 1750 Until June, 1774 [with] A COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL PAPERS RELATIVE TO THE HISTORY OF THE COLONY OF MASSACHUSETS-BAY

(London [and] Boston: For M. Richardson [and] By J. Smith [and] John Murray [and] Thomas and John Fleet, 1760 [i.e. 1765][and] 1768 [and] 1828 [and] 1769).

A VERY HANDSOME RARE UNIFORM COLLECTION OF FIRST EDITIONS OF HUTCHINSON'S HIGHLY IMPORTANT IN DEPTH HISTORY OF THE FIRST 146 YEARS OF BOSTON AND THE MASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONY. COMPLETE SETS ARE TRULY ELUSIVE IN THE MARKETPLACE. The author, Thomas Hutchinson became the last Royal Governor of the Colony before fleeing America at the onset of the Revolution. He is also considered the most important figure on the loyalist side in pre-Revolutionary Massachusetts. Serving as Governor, Acting Governor, and Lieutenant Governor, his service in office spanned over 20 very pivotal years in American history.
The first volume contains a great deal of information on the early laws and government, as well as dealings with the Native Americans and neighboring colonies. It is an important source for our knowledge of that period.
In spite of having all of his papers burned during riots occasioned by the passage of the Stamp Act he was still able publish the second volume. It covers numerous events in this more settled period, including the Salem Witch Trials.
The third, the only volume to cover his own terms in office, was written after he evacuated back to England. It was published there posthumously. This volume provides a fascinating Royalist view of the events leading towards Revolution.
The volume of "Original Papers" is quite scarce and is rarely included with the others. While each volume can be considered complete onto itself, it is of course preferable to have them all in a handsome uniform format as is found here. Item #30469

Together four volumes. A combined set of First Editions. Volumes I and II are the First Editions printed in England issued just after the American edition, Volume III is the posthumously published First Edition and first printing, Volume IV, the PAPERS, is the very scarce First Edition and printing. 8vo, uniformly bound in fine antique three-quarter green calf over marbled boards, each spine with blind ruled raised bands and two red morocco labels gilt lettered and gilt ruled, back and corner-pieces gilt ruled, marbled end-leaves. The bindings likely done for James J. Higginson, of the noteworthy Thomas Wentworth Higginson family, renown throughout New England and Massachusetts for important involvement in the social, political and literary worlds. His neat engraved bookplate is found in each volume. [iii], iv, 566; [iv], iv, 539; iv, 551; [ii], ii, 576 pp. A very handsome and well preserved set, internally all very fresh with only a very minor bit of toning, the volume printed in America with a bit more of the mild occasional spotting as is typical with the paper used, the binding very handsome and sturdy, the spine panels sometime restored expertly and sympathetically and exactly matching the calf of the corner pieces, a little evidence of age-wear to the board corners and edges.

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