([no place: no publisher given but Fantod Press], 1993).

FIRST EDITIN OF THESE TWO FLIP-BOOKS IN ONE, SIGNED TWICE BY EDWARD GOREY. The Dancing Rock/Floating Elephant is a flip book that can be viewed "dos-a-dos", meaning that it can be used in both directions and thus depicting two separate animations. One side features a rock that dances across the page, then the book is turned over and the rock is replaced by a whimsical floating elephant. Edward Gorey loved to experiment with unusual formats in his books, thus it is only natural that an animated flip book would eventually become part of his oeuvre. Item #30655

First edition SIGNED TWICE BY EDWARD GOREY using two of his favorite pseudonyms, one side is signed as Dogear Wryde and the other as Ogdreg Weary. Illustrated with either a rock or an elephant on every page. Miniature oblong folio (2.5 by 4 inches), staple bound in the original printed stiff buff paper wrappers, Gorey has scratched out the printed names of both "authors" and replaced them with his signed pseudonyms written below. [60pp, unpaginated.] Very fine, in as mint condition.

Price: $350.00