THE SHADOW OF THE CROSS. An Allegory [with] Conversations on The Shadow of the Cross.

(Boston: E. P. Dutton & Company, 1860).

A LOVELY COPY OF WHAT IS LIKELY THE FIRST AMERICAN EDITION, we can find no record of an earlier publication date in America. RARE as well, we are not aware of any other copies such currently on the market.
The Rev. William Adams was a scholar and cleric of the Church of England. He was a talented allegorists following in the footsteps of Bunyan. SHADOW OF THE CROSS is a lesson to keep one's mind on heavenly rather than worldly affairs as is learned through the contrasting life paths of three child protagonists: Innocence, who will go straight to heaven; Wayward, who is the wicked youth; and Mirth, who follows the more winding path of repentance and salvation. Following the story is a series of "conversations", a sort of question and answer period which insures the meaning is fully understood by the author's youngest audience. Item #32898


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